We filed more than 30 patents from the work originated in the BMRC, some of which led to several spin-offs. Verinata Health (formerly Living MicroSystems and then Artemis Health) focused on prenatal diagnosis has raised over $70 million in three rounds of VC funding, and was recently been acquired by Illumina, Inc. for $450 million.

Daktari, Inc started by one of our collaborators, Dr. William Rodriguez, has licensed the CD4 chip to enter into product development and is currently proceeding with testing the chip in Africa. Several other companies significantly benefited from collaborations with BMRC.

Firefly BioWorks, uses the technology originally described in Science (2007) with our collaborator, Patrick Doyle at MIT, towards customizable microRNA detection platforms.

Hurel develops organ-on-a chip devices for industrial and academic research uses, and has recently obtained Series A venture funding for development of technology that was codeveloped by Dr. Yarmush at the BMRC.

The technology transfer activities are managed through the Partners Healthcare Research Ventures and Licensing (RVL) office at the MGH.

02635 Photoactivated Release of Cells from Surfaces
02659 Formation of High-Density Cell Arrays in Antibody-Modified Poly(ethylene glycol) Microwells and Sorting of Cells from the Array
02692 Microfabricated Bioreactor for the High Titer Production and Storage of Retroviral Vectors
02779 Bioactive Nanopatterned Surfaces for Cell-Ligand Interaction Studies and Cell Capture
02803 Microfluidic Device and Protocol for Isolating High Quality Total RNA from Small Samples (Less than 1000 Cells)
02844 A High-Density Microfludic Array of Primary Cells in Co-Culture for Use in High Throughput Physiology Studies
3095 A Microfluidic Chip for CD+4 T Cell Count Based on Flow Assisted Cell Affinity Isolation
03352 Cell Lysis Impedance Spectroscopy for Microscale Cellular Diagnostics, Including CD4 Counting
03423 Inertial Focusing and Separation of Particles
03504 Microfluidic Devices for Polar Stimulation of Migratory Cells in 3-D Like Environment
03517 Monitoring Response to Anti-Cancer Therapy Using Circulating Tumor Cells
03518 Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells in the Peripheral Blood of Prostate Cancer Patients with Clinically Localized Disease
03519 On Chip Cell Lysate Fractionation Methodology to Extract DNA/RNA from CTCs for Molecular Analysis
03541 Microfluidic Platform for Monitoring of Granulocyte Levels in a Clinical Setting
03706 Continuous-Flow Cell and Particle Position and Velocity Control
03731 Chemotaxis Assay of Neutrophils Isolated Directly from Whole Blood in a Microfluidic Device
03758 Continuous Particle Separation by Differential Lateral Placement of Particles by Hydrodynamic Focusing
03814 Controlled Encapsulation of Single Cells into Monodisperse Picoliter Drops
03907 Electromagnetic Enumeration of Magnetically Labeled Cells and Particles
03910 Oxygenated Cocultures for High Levels of Liver Specific Function
20010 Herringbone Microfluidic Device for Isolating Rare Cells from Blood
20020 Microfabricated Slide for Quantitating Cell Migration in a Wound Healing Assays
20031 Colloidal Hydrogel Particles with Tunable Chemistry, Geometry, and Flexibility
20045 Particle Sizing by Inertial Ordering Equilibrium Position
20084 Functional, Reversible Microscale Films
20121 Quantitative Cell Motility Assay
20181 Microfluidic Isolation and Analysis of Microvesicles
20547 Method to Produce Low-Impedance Nanoporous Gold Electrodes for Electrophysiological Applications
20634 A Microscale Particle Counting System Using Subtraction Impedance Cytometry
20760 Carbon Nanotube Forests Encapsulated Inside Microfluidic Channels For Bioparticle Separation
21637 Concentration Of Bacteria From Biological Fluids